With years of experience in metal manufacturing, we offer solutions for subsea wellhead to topsides, surface drilling, pipeline, petrochemical, renewable energy, nuclear, transportation.

We are focused on long-term experience and know how as well as newest technology standards and high quality. Today, GlobalTechin is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of materials for Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Renewable Energy, Mining, Water, Military. We have achieved this position by developing a strategic approach that differentiates us from conventionally organized service centers and offers our customers significant competitive advantage.

Global Techin Stuparei Valcea

Global Techin Stuparei Valcea


Providing the best service is crucial, that is why for our team this is the top priority.

We understand the challenges our clients face and we aim to exceed their expectations, by providing the best quality, delivery and overall service.

We are committed to provide exceptional products through our skilled and dedicated team and high standard manufacturing technologies.